Networking is Critical to Landing a Job

We recently read an article in Forbes on the Hidden Job Market.  For all the hype on job search engines, it’s now known there is a hidden job market where many jobs either never get posted or if they are posted, the job is pretty much filled.  So how, you ask, are these jobs being filled – through networking.  Companies are asking and sometimes compensating employees to find great people to bring into the company. Smart idea – who better knows the environment and expectations of a job and who might be a good fit….than someone who works at the company.


Here’s the good news.  Networking has a bad reputation.  We have been made to believe it’s reaching out to someone on LinkedIn you’ve never met – creepy.  Actually if you are social media proficient, i.e.  use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – then you are already a pro!  You just need to make sure everyone in your network and all those connected to them know you are looking for a job.  The 6 degrees of separation theory is now 2.3 with social media.

It’s not who you know anymore it’s who knows you!

A friend of mine’s son, several years ago, quit his finance job in Boston to move to New York.  He set a goal to reach out to 10 people EVERYDAY to let them know he was looking for position.  He was a true believer in networking by letting EVERYONE you know and EVERYONE they know that you are looking for a job. He landed the job he wanted….in Finance, no less, and today is still with the same company.  It took him 2 months and over  500 connections but it happened.  Be focused, believe in the power of networking!

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