Getting a Job is a Job

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Statistics show it takes an average of 3 – 6 months to find a job.  Some quote it takes 1 month for every $10,000 you are looking to earn.  Getting a job is a job, but with the right amount of attention and focus, like anything, you can get the job you want.  Remember, it’s a journey…..many will tire along the journey and accept a job they really don’t want.  No matter what happens just keep focused.

You may have to do another job, even part-time, in order to pay bills while you search for the job of your dreams.  Be realistic, reduce your expenses, live within your budget as this will put less stress on the process.

Set a least an hour a day aside to network, follow-up on jobs posted on the internet, stay in touch with on-going job pursuits, as well as, staying connected to those helping you in your process.

It’s a process which is why we say, getting a job is a job.



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