Help Employers Find You!

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In an interview you have help the employer find you! Who are you……What’s really great about you?

If we were to listen to one thousand job interviews, I would venture to guess that 99% of those applicants would use the same few words to describe themselves – hard working, leader and team player. Even resumes look the same with internships, education, and awards.  If this is true, how does an employer differentiate you from others? They don’t! However, using an attribute and describing it in a compelling story how you exhibited that attribute immediately puts you in a different category. You have set yourself apart! By sharing an experience you are telling your individual story and in many cases that may be the only differentiator.

We are always told by our friends before an interview, “Know your strengths,” but what does this mean.

It means what do you do everyday, what is part of your fiber, that makes you different from others.

Sometimes we don’t know this about ourselves as we have always done things the same way and often don’t look at these traits as being special.  Sometimes we need to talk to parents, family, friends, coaches, teachers, co-workers, bosses and mentors to ask them….”what’s great about me – what do I do that others don’t?”   THAT BECOMES YOUR STORY.  Sure, others could have the same greatness, but it is the story of how you exhibit that strength is what gets you the job you want.

Tell your story! Help employers find you!

Why Can’t Employers find Great Candidates on College Campuses? (or anywhere for that matter)

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Employers are resorting to asking their employees to find great people to join their company.

In some cases cash bonuses are being paid.  Although employers continue to source candidates from schools, it’s costly for their limited recruiting staffs to do college visits.

Career Fairs have always been a great way for students to meet employers and vice versa but it’s no secret how Career Fairs are not getting the attendance they once did.  Students appear disinterested or terrified with the whole process and are taking a stand off approach to job hunting.

Even through job aggregators like Handshake and Simplicity – where students can file their profiles and resumes, and employers can access this information and reach out students – the applicant pool is ENORMOUS. So, average students are getting overlooked and losing competitively to those students with higher grade point averages, market appealing majors, higher pedigree schools and those who have had more internship opportunities.

Unfortunately for those students who DO get an interview, often they are ill prepared and fail at their big time up at bat.  This rejection throws them a curveball they aren’t expecting and they sink lower into “getting a job depression.”

So, what does the average student do to compete.  Yes, the other 75% of the student population – what happens to them?

The Class2Career tool offers all students the inside scoop on how to get interviews and how to insure to put their best foot forward on the interview.  It takes them through an exercise where they formulate their strengths by examining experiences they may have had and then relating those experiences to strengths.  Their strengths are then aligned to jobs and gaps are identified and finally having each student document their experiences to back up their strengths.  In the end the student has written their interview script.

They will be confident and prepapred and it will make a difference on job interviews!


Why are great candidates being overlooked for Jobs?


Students and their parents are faced with a heart wrenching issue – why are their kids not getting jobs or the jobs they want?  Although there is not one reason it’s important to understand all the factors affecting great kids from getting great jobs.

Most colleges have adopted a job aggregator that brings jobs to campus.  This is great as MORE jobs are being presented to students…right…well partially.  Understand these job aggregators like Handshake, Simplicity and so many others are also selling this data to companies who can now work with an expanded pool of applicants.

Example – if you have a business in Minnesota and you want to post a job – you will be asked if you want to post at 400 other schools – oops, the pool just got alot bigger.

Hard working kids and adults trying to better themselves are now going up against applicants from more prestigious schools with perhaps better grade point averages and internships.

Many applicants are taking jobs they don’t want which in the end could be causing the heavy turnover rate employers are seeing.  Essentially, just because there are MORE jobs to choose from, it doesn’t always mean more job offers.

So, what’s the solution?

This is a competition and we have to let students know this.  We do this by giving them the tools to compete.  We coach them through finding themselves and their strengths, we coach them through thinking about stories which support their strengths and we begin to craft their interview “story”. We align those strengths and stories to specific job requirements and most importantly we teach them HOW to get the interview.

Will it take some hustle – sure – but we have to at least let students know the rules of the game.

Interested?  Register at Class2Career.

“Toot your own horn”


Tooting your own horn isn’t always easy!

Many applicants say they don’t like to “brag” about their accomplishments in an interview.  We get that.

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about themselves and their accomplishments…. and worse saying how you would be better than someone else can be even more uncomfortable.

Many applicants say they don’t want to SELL THEMSELVES in an interview because it’s awkward for them.  We get this too.

But… in an interview, if you tell your individual story about something that you did or accomplished that exhibits your claim about one of your attributes, you have just sold yourself and done a little bragging…. without it even hurting.

This is what makes you unique and helps you to stand out from the crowd. No one else has your story!

Tell your story. Help the employer find you!

The Power of Staying in Touch

Too often we connect with someone from the company where we want to work and set up a time for coffee. We meet them, send the thank you note and that’s it…..we fail to stay in touch.  So why do we need to stay in touch?

You connected with someone at the company you want to work at, right?  After that coffee, they remember you for probably 25 – 30 days.  In the interim they might be approached by someone else for a meeting, or they meet other people looking for positions who do a better job staying in touch.  When the company sends out an internal job posting – you want that connection to remember YOU – not anyone else.  So don’t let a month go by without reaching out to that contact to let them know:

  • You are still looking – don’t make them assume anything
  • Tell them about any accomplishments you have had – great grades, kudos on the job, travel plans – anything that is news worthy. Or maybe if you have read something about the company you could ask them about it. JUST STAY IN TOUCH.  Even if they don’t respond, don’t worry – it might be a one-way convo – who cares.  When that job crosses their desk they will think of you….even if it’s only to stop the emails – just kidding.

After you land the job you want try to keep in touch once a year if you chose to go to another company.  If you are in the same company – reach out every so often to tell them how you are doing and thank them for their help… may end up working for them someday!