Networking is Crucial

We recently read an article in Forbes on the Hidden Job Market.  For all the hype on job search engines, it’s now known there is a hidden job market where many jobs either never get posted or if they are posted, the job is pretty much filled.  So how, you ask, are these jobs being filled – through networking.  Companies are asking and sometimes compensating employees to find great people to bring into the company. Smart idea – who better knows the environment and expectations of a job and who might be a good fit….than someone who works at the company.


Here’s the good news.  Networking has a bad reputation.  We have been made to believe it’s reaching out to someone on LinkedIn you’ve never met – creepy.  Actually if you are social media proficient, i.e.  use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – then you are already a pro!  You just need to make sure everyone in your network and all those connected to them know you are looking for a job.  The 6 degrees of separation theory is now 2.3 with social media.

It’s not who you know anymore it’s who knows you!

A friend of mine’s son, several years ago, quit his finance job in Boston to move to New York.  He set a goal to reach out to 10 people EVERYDAY to let them know he was looking for position.  He was a true believer in networking by letting EVERYONE you know and EVERYONE they know that you are looking for a job. He landed the job he wanted….in Finance, no less, and today is still with the same company.  It took him 2 months and over  500 connections but it happened.  Be focused, believe in the power of networking!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” In our years recruiting for corporate America, we found a large majority of applicants were unable to link what they had accomplished in their lives to a workplace need.  In other words, they were unable to take one of their strengths, give an example of how they had demonstrated this strength and then link it to why it would be important for a company to have someone with that strength.

Not all interviewers take the time to get your individual story….The process is getting worse because now computers are scanning resumes as part of the selection/rejection process.  When you get an interview, you must be able to align the company’s job requirements to a strength and story that you have and you must make this connection in the interview.  Failure to do so may mean being unfairly rejected from a job you really want.

At the end of a recruiting day, we didn’t remember grade point averages, or what was on the resume. We remembered the person through their individual compelling stories of success, triumph and failure.

The story is how we get an inside look at the person to be hired….people hire people! And that is the underlying reason why we created Class2Career!