Help Employers Find You!

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In an interview you have help the employer find you! Who are you……What’s really great about you?

If we were to listen to one thousand job interviews, I would venture to guess that 99% of those applicants would use the same few words to describe themselves – hard working, leader and team player. Even resumes look the same with internships, education, and awards.  If this is true, how does an employer differentiate you from others? They don’t! However, using an attribute and describing it in a compelling story how you exhibited that attribute immediately puts you in a different category. You have set yourself apart! By sharing an experience you are telling your individual story and in many cases that may be the only differentiator.

We are always told by our friends before an interview, “Know your strengths,” but what does this mean.

It means what do you do everyday, what is part of your fiber, that makes you different from others.

Sometimes we don’t know this about ourselves as we have always done things the same way and often don’t look at these traits as being special.  Sometimes we need to talk to parents, family, friends, coaches, teachers, co-workers, bosses and mentors to ask them….”what’s great about me – what do I do that others don’t?”   THAT BECOMES YOUR STORY.  Sure, others could have the same greatness, but it is the story of how you exhibit that strength is what gets you the job you want.

Tell your story! Help employers find you!

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